• Sumo

You already have your sample data installed and you just had Magento’s downloader.php placed in the root folder of your would-be online store when suddenly you encounter an Internal Server Error just as you navigate to the downloader. You already set the permissions of your root folder to 777 as what the installation guide says but still…

This is basically what happened in my first Magento installation (which is only a couple of days since I wrote this post). If I were given money everytime I saw this error I would have been rich. But no. What I did to make it work was:

  • Switch the permission settings of Magento root folder back to 755

I then navigated back to the downloader file (as in http://mydomain.com/[store_root_directory]/downloader.php) and finally for some reason the thing worked and I resumed the installation by providing the needed information (database parameters and stuff). But after the downloader has umm… downloaded Magento, I again encountered the dreaded Internal Server Error. So as anyone would have done, I searched Google what I might be missing apart from making sure the correct permissions (777) are set for the following items:

  • app/etc directory
  • var directory
  • media directory

Though already applied, I still get the same error until I found this forum which was virtually God-sent. The awesome Mr. Moshe (which I mistook for Tori in Mythbusters because of his thumbnail) advised to set the permissions to 755 the following:

  • your Magento root directory
  • index.php

Finally after having changed them, it really did the trick and everything was hunky-dory… for now at least. I still have a book worth of reading to study the rest of Magento. lol.

Long story short:

I set the permissions of the following files to 755:

  • Magento root folder
  • index.php

Btw, I installed Magento in HostGator. Also to serve as some sort of disclaimer, this post only narrates my installation of Magento and is not necessarily a guide to do so.

Thumbnail image from http://www.sxc.hu/photo/963459