• Sumo

Feeling unusually festive (even though it’s months before Halloween when I posted this), I rounded up some of the most awesome Halloween-inspired backgrounds and textures available for download in deviantArt for free. Please click the image to redirect yourself to the download page and please spread the love and give credit to the owners of the image before using them.


Halloween Paper by Aramisdream

An adorable set of textures that screams Halloween.

Gothic Texture by AshenSorrow

Vertical stripes of black and white overlaying a grunge-Gothic pattern.

Scratch Texture by AshenSorrow

The noise and scratches in a black background creates the effect of horror and mystery.

Smoke Texture by AshenSorrow

A ghostly smoke texture.

Vintage Text Texture by AshenSorrow

Starred by Cattereia

Light reflecting on rippling black water

Halloween Sparks by Cynnalia-Stock

Lantern-like texture with a spider’s web pattern

Halloween Texture Pack 1 by Dragonfly113-Stock

Halloween Texture Pack 2 by Dragonfly113-Stock

Fading Heart by exchanged-stock

Grunge and dull texture with fading vintage text.

Gummy Bears and Chocolate by exchanged-stock

Yet another dark and grunge texture with smears of red on what appears to be aging wood or concrete.

My View by exchanged-stock

Cracked Granite Rock Texture by FantasyStock

Rusty Fabric Texture by FantasyStock

Scary-Looking Tree Roots by FantasyStock

Seamless Hot Coals Texture by FantasyStock

Halloween Texture by GlamourousAcid-Stock

A rather cheery texture fit for a Halloween feast.

Halloween Texture Entry 1 by honey-stock

Ghostly patterns on aging wood.

Border Skeletal 1 of 8 by inspyretash-stock

DS Halloween Sheet 2 by inspyretash-stock

Texture Border Ornate 1 by inspyretash-stock

Fall Time 20 by Inthename-Stock

Silhouette of dead trees in an overlay of dark and grunge background.

Grunge Blood by R2krw9

Halloween Damask by R2krw9

Halloween Paint Drip by R2krw9

Halloween Stripe 02 by R2krw9

Bloody Hand PNG by simfonic

A PNG image of bloody hands excellent for any background due to preserved transparency

Noisy Orange by Stock7000

Orange grunge texture reminiscent of the orange glow in jack-o-lanterns.