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Here is a list of amazing jQuery 3D effects plugins that you can use in your own websites. Some of these are a great alternative to flash effects as it is lighter than the latter. Please click the images to redirect yourself to the demo page. Also, give some love to the creators and give proper credits.


1. JQuery Rotator by Will Jessup

A jQuery rotator used to create a model of the Solar System using images from NASA. (Yep, no Pluto :D)

2. Mini 360 Viewer by Ovidiu Stefancu

This viewer uses a list of images to simulate a 360 degrees object rotation.
The multiple interaction methods makes is usable even on touch devices.

3. Flip! by Luca Manno

Flip is a jQuery plugin that will flip easily your elements in four directions.

4. Rotate3Di by Zachary Johnson

Rotate3Di is a jQuery Effect Plugin that makes it possible to do an isometric 3D flip or 3D rotation of any HTML content.

5. JQuery.Smart3D by Kotelnitskiy Evgeniy

Interesting effects, which can be used on site-header. It’s very simple to use: several layers glued together into a 3D effect.

6. Cloud Carousel by Raff Cecco

A carousel that features optional auto-reflections, and the information contained in the Alt and Title tags of the images can optionally be displayed as you hover over each image.

7. Tag Canvas – HTML5 Canvas Tag Cloud by Graham Breach

TagCanvas is a Javascript class which will draw and animate a HTML5 canvas based tag cloud.

8. 3D Tag Cloud by Ian George

3D Tag Cloud allows you to create tags sized according to weight. Touch / drag within the black box to rotate the tags. Mouse wheel zooms.

9. JQuery Three Dee by Steve Fenton

The jQuery Three Dee project is a plugin that transforms plain text into eye-popping 3D text. You’ll need a pair of red/blue 3D glasses to view the 3D effect.

10. Levitation by Gyula Madarasz

A jQuery plugin that creates the effect of levitation in HTML elements.

11. JQuery Image Parallax by Steve Fenton

The jQuery Image Parallax project is a plugin that gives an illusion of depth to an image with transparency (PNG, GIF) by repeating it and animating movement.

12. Elixon Theater by Daniel Sevcik

A slick free extensible carousel/slideshow/cycle jQuery plugin.

13. Viewer3D by Alban Xhaferllari

Viewer3D is a small jQuery plugin for displaying a 360° view of a sequences of images or panorama. It is simple, lightweight, no flash needed, no extra css need, fast and compatible with all major browsers and touches devices. It has been tested on Android browsers, Ipad browser, IE 6,7,8,9 , Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.