15+ Delicious Wallpaper Packs for iPhone / iPod Touch

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All of us love some iPhone wallpapers, especially me so I rounded up some delicious wallpaper packs for iPhone and iPod Touch (some has for iPad too) that will turn your home screen wallpaper into eye candy, especially with the new Retina Display. Click on the image to redirect yourself to the source and if you plan to use them for your projects, please spread the love and give proper credit to the awesome creators.


1. iOS4 Architectural Backgrounds by DarkShadow1425

2. 52 Wallpapers by Dean by Dean-Site

3. iPhone Wallpaper Pack V2 by 3rror404

4. 640×960 iPhone4 Wallpaper Pack by Cheezydog22

5. iPhone Wallpaper Pack by my-nightmare-reborn

6. Apple Colored – iPhone iPad by miel-g

7. interpixel iPhone 4 by salmanarif

8. Retina Display HD Wallpaper by dimpoart

9. Pigtails iPhone Wallpapers by jazgirl

10. KAWS by kon

11. 30 iPhone 4 Wallpaper Pack by sub88

12. Apple iPhone 4 Wallpaper Pack by ViveLaPaix

13. Some HD Wallpapers for iPhone by GrunySo

14. iPhone 4 Wallpapers by kon

15. Backgrounds for iPhone 4 by Alexander-GG

16. Comic Book iPhone Wallpapers 1 by artlambi

17. Comic Book iPhone Wallpapers 2 by artlambi

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