• Sumo

Here is a list of the most useful grunge and rust texture/background packs in deviantArt which comes in great variety. Spread the love by giving proper credit to the owners if you plan to use any of these textures (usually written in their respective descriptions). Just click the images to redirect yourself to the download page.


1. 20 Grunge Textures by env1ro

2. Textures II by EurukaTT

3. Rust Texture by TammySue (requires deviantArt Account)

4. Rust Grunge Textures Pack by MattTheSamurai

5. Rust Textures Pack 05 by chulii-stock

6. Painted Rust Pack by ALP-Stock

7. Rust ‘n Such Textures by zenithfoxie

8. 3 Free Rust Textures by kropped

9. Rust Textures II by quansie

10. Bright Rust Texture Pack by Kxhara

11. Large Rust Textures by Nyssa-89

12. Icon Size Rust Textures by Nyssa-89

13. Rust Photos Pack by ashzstock

14. Rust Textures I by quansie

15. Rust Pack -Unrestricted by Cat-in-the-Stock

16. 100×100 Textures: Rust by holyhour