• Sumo

Occasionally when I browse Imgur, I stumble upon awesome photos of nature, which Imgur users would sometimes like to call “nature porn” because of their entrancing and out-of-this-world beauty. Here, I’ve listed some of the most breathtaking nature photos I’ve seen, many of which are worthy to be a desktop background. For fellow regular Imgur visitors these would indeed be “reposts” nevertheless, enjoy!

Lone Tree

Oak Alley Plantation

Oregon Coast

Farm at the Edge of a Mountain

Bamboo Forest near Kyoto

Rainbow and Sky

Cloud Covering Town

Hazy Autumn

Huanglong Scenic Area in Sichuan

Oriental Bridge

My Little Witch

Corinth Canal, Greece

The Mountains of Bavaria, Germany


Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia

Roads and Rainbows

Philip Island, Australia

Rainbow Toad

Country Meadows and Mountains

Near Trogir, Croatia

Sanctuary of Truth, Thailand

Atlas Beetle

Glacial Water

Kilchurn Castle

Saar River near SaarLouis, Germany