• Sumo

Here is a happy roundup of 9 CSS Menu Generators that allows you to… well, generate menus in CSS and HTML markup for free. These can aid you in creating professional looking menus on the fly. Please click the images to redirect yourself to the website. Starting off…

1. CSS Menu Generator by mycssmenu.com

Allows the user to select from a number of menu templates to use as is or customized. Editing tool only works on Firefox and Internet Explorer according to the website.

2. MenuBuilder.me

Chromatic menu with changeable base color and orientation (horizontal or vertical menu) in an intuitive interface.

3. CSS Menu Generator by CSS Portal

A collection of 31 amazing menu designs to choose from.

4. Tabs Generator

A flexible tab-type menu generator with a fun to use interface.

5. CSS Menu Maker

A collection of gorgeously designed menus available for customization.

6. CSS Menu Builder

The website offers an extensive array of menu designs to choose from. Each design can also be customized.

7. IzzyMenu – Online Menu Builder

A more sophisticated menu generator with more options to choose from to get the exact menu design desired.

8. PureCSSMenu.com

About the same as IzzyMenu but with simpler customization features.

9. CSS Menu Generator by Generate It!

The user is given a list of menu design templates to choose from, all of which are tab-type menus.