ACPI Hosts Original Filipino Character Design Contest

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The Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc (ACPI) is holding the Original Filipino Character Design Contest this year! Its objective is to excite the Filipino imagination so that more original Filipino characters may be born and possibly become one of the compendium of the most popular characters in the world of comics and animation. This is a great opportunity for all Filipino artists from all walks of life to showcase their talent in this exciting event. The deadline of submission of entries is October 10, 2011.

The contest is open to all Filipino citizens of all ages.

According to the Contest Regulations, the character entry must meet the following criteria:

  • Characters must be Filipino in look/design/theme/style, but not necessarily reflect the stereotype representation of a Filipino.
  • Characters may be of any gender or sexual orientation, human, animal, plant, alien, robot, elf, dwarf, divinity or any other creature/creation that the artist/designer may imagine.
  • Character designs may not contain nudity, violence or other obscenities, and adult or other inappropriate situations.
  • The character may be holding a gadget/weapon or any other prop that may form part the concept design of the character.
  • Character design depends on the artist’s discretion, but it must be drawn/designed in full (body), in full color, and in his/her/its best pose.

I will be the one to say that (for me at least) the prizes of the contest are quite modest but as someone who really likes to draw and create something, to be regarded the winner of such a contest is definitely worth the effort (Yes, I will join the contest!). It will become a form of exposure for those artists who aspire and surely, more good things will come their way consequently. But, this does not stop me also from hoping that the prize would go up haha! Let’s cross our fingers!

So join now! The contest regulations and entry form can be downloaded from For inquiries you may call (+632) 817-2727, (+632) 483-9501, or email at You may also join them on Facebook: and on Twitter:

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