• Sumo

“Hmmm… what is that mysterious ticking noise?” Haha, remember that? No? Anyway, just now I saw something ticking at the right side of my Facebook News Feed and then I saw the new Facebook Ticker. Just when I haven’t fully accepted the existence of the giant chat bar this thing comes along. In my humble opinion, the Facebook Ticker is just another avenue for useless information forced into you. As if the News Feed wasn’t enough. To me at a glance, almost all of the messages the ticker spews lacks context.

What is Facebook Ticker anyway? I am not so sure myself but apparently it is a News Feed to your News Feed. It delivers updates from your News Feed up to the comments level and it ticks tirelessly at the right side of your screen. The best part is it pans along as you scroll up and down the page. Brilliant.

I will end this rant here by saying that the Facebook Ticker is ummm… not exactly one of the nicest features they’ve added so far (sorry, can’t think of anything witty). Not even my friends in Facebook liked it and so as the guys that liked the Remove Ticker Page. How about you? Do you like this new feature Facebook forced us to put up with?

Snape puppet pal fromĀ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx1XIm6q4r4