• Sumo

Behold! Take a shot at making your own image macros using these handy resources of internet memes – PNGs with transparent backgrounds, vector files, websites and more. I can’t cover them all so this is the initial list of this roundup. Just click the images to redirect yourself to the source and download.

1. It’s the FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU vector pack!

A collection of vector files of the most popular rage faces including the Troll Face, F^ck Yea, and of course FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (I hope I got the right length, haha)! Created by redct.

2. Forever Alone PNG image

At first I wondered why the creator of the vectors above left out the Forever Alone guy, and then it came to me. (This however is a high resolution image of Forever Alone guy, not a vector)

3. The Original Nyan Cat GIF

Everybody loves Nyan Cat and all its rainbow shit. Partake! Download the amazing animated GIF of Nyan Cat’s eternal cosmic journey.

4. MemeGenerator

MemeGenerator (memegenerator.net) must be the ultimate generator of internet memes and other pop culture the internet has spawned during the last decade and beyond! Try it now!

5. Chubby Bubbles Girl

Here is a sweet PNG file with a transparent background of the famous and infamous girl, known popularly as Chubby Bubbles Girl. Let the shops go wild!

6. Photoshop Bob Ross

Make Bob Ross (used to watch him paint on TV when I was a kid) do art with this clean Bob Ross Template.

7. Exploitables by Oh internet

A collection of popular image macros in their purest form (ok not really), conducive to Photoshop editing and/or abuse by ohinternet.com (bring ED back!).