12 Portal 2 iPhone Wallpapers

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This cake is not a lie! Here are some of the slickest Portal 2 iPhone and iPod Touch wallpapers available to download for free in DeviantArt. Just click the images to take you to the source page.

This is a triumph. Enjoy!

Portal 2 iPhone Wallpaper Lite by SirPatrick1st

Portal 2 iPhone Wallpaper Dark by SirPatrick1st

It’s been a long time… by StarlitFury

Companion Cube iPod Wallpaper by Zeezy

Portal iPhone Wallpaper by ajarjunkman 

Companion Cube Wallpaper – JS by JenniMGF

Companion Cube Wallpaper iDev by herroartist

Cave Johnson – Lemons by Jaredk8

POTaTOS iPhone Home Screen by CWArtist

Portal iPhone Wallpaper by Jaredk8

Space Core Love by CWArtist

Turret Retina Wallpaper iPhone by herroartist

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