• Sumo

Spending so much time on the web made me realize that if the Internet is a country then its national animal would no doubt be a cat. It’s so popular that many of the best internet memes are based on cats. Here are exploitables and templates that you can use to create your own variation of some of the most popular cat memes that had pounced on the internet landscape.

Have fun!

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1. Bullet Cat

2. Business Cat

3. Ceiling Cat

4. Dodge Cat

5. Happy Cat

6. Hipster Kitty

7. Hovercat

8. Lenin Cat

9. Long Cat

10. Monorail Cat

11. Serious Cat

12. Stare Cat

13. Tacgnol

14. Science Cat/ Chemistry Cat

Do you know more cat memes? Please share them in the comments section below! (Note: I picked cat memes derived from real cat photos, thus I did not include cartoonish memes such as Nyan Cat :))