• Sumo

For designers, the so called “-ber” months is that time of year when projects involving stars, hollies, christmas trees, snowmen, and other seasonal pleasantries come once more. Christmas is here!

In the spirit of Christmas I want to share you fellow designers some of the most festive Christmas patterns by the awesome artists at DeviantArt, all of which are free to download. Please spread the love and give credit to the creators 🙂

Just click the image to go to the source. Happy Holidays and have fun designing!

1. PS Patterns – Christmas by ashzstock

2. 100×100 Christmas Textures by kissncontrol

3. 100×100 Christmas Patterns 2 by kissncontrol

4. Christmas 2009 by Camxso

5. Vintage Retro Xmas Patterns by Camxso

6. Txt Set 26 – Christmas Ribbons by Ruthenia-Alba

7. Silver and Gold Flake Patterns by HoneyCunt

8. Merry Stripes by HoneyCunt

9. Transparent Christmas Patterns by slavetofashion69

10. Christmas Collection by ML-Worlds

11. Cute Patterns 8 by foley-resources

12. Texture Set 11 – Xmas Paper 1 by Ruthenia-Alba

13. Christmas Day – PS Patterns by photoshop-stock

14. Christmas Photoshop Styles by cesstrelle

15. Christmas Patterns by PeterPlastic

16. Gold Xmas Patterns by Gwendrilla

17. Christmas Layer Styles by Romenig

18. Photoshop Christmas Patterns by PsdDude