Apsona ShopAdmin Provides Free Opencart Custom Reports Solution

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I’ve been trying to find ways on how to create a custom report in OpenCart for my employer’s online store. Though OpenCart has a number of reports packaged to it by default (Yet, I appreciate their efforts of including more default reports in the 1.5.1 version of OC), the company that I work for needs some reports that are not among these. Also, it does not have the facility to export these reports to a file (in Excel or CSV format perhaps). I end up searching for ways on how to create custom reports in OpenCart but resources are scarce and most of the extensions that provide exportable custom reports are not free until I read about Apsona ShopAdmin in a thread in the OpenCart community forum.

Apsona ShopAdmin is a free tool that provides the following features:

  • A snappy user-friendly interface with lists, detail views with child tabs, tabular views and calendar views.
  • Import and export data in CSV format. You can import and export products, product options, option values, manufacturers, orders and customers.
  • Rapid Ajax-powered searching and filtering of data.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities. You can create custom reports, export their content in CSV format, or visualize them as bar charts, pie charts, groups or pivots.

Apparently, it is fairly new in OpenCart and has been available for quite a while in other e-commerce softwares like Zen Cart and osCommerce. But reading some good feedback from the thread I tried it in my OpenCart installation after making backups. Here’s what I did to install Apsona’s ShopAdmin:

  1. Go to apsona.com. Click Apsona ShopAdmin for OpenCart.
  2. Click Signup. (I think it’s weird that the link is very small. At the time of writing the link is found at the top right corner of the website. There is also one somewhere at the bottom.)
  3. Fill up and submit the information being asked for. Be sure to enter the correct email address because the instructions for the installation will be sent there. Also, select OpenCart 1.4 or 1.5 for cart software, depending on what version you are using.
  4. Go to the email you provided and follow the installation instructions. Download Apsona ShopAdmin by clicking the download link in the email after which you can install the extension:
    1. Unzip the zip file’s contents into the admin folder for your OpenCart application.
    2. Access the URL apsona_install.php in your admin area. For instance, if your admin URL is http://mystore.com/admin, then access the URL http://mystore.com/admin/apsona_install.php.
    3. This will automatically create a menu item for Apsona ShopAdmin in the System menu of your OpenCart admin area.
    4. Log in to your admin area and navigate to System – Users – User groups, edit the Top Administrator group, and enable access to the file tool/apsona_sa.php.
    5. You can now click the Apsona ShopAdmin menu item in your System menu to access ShopAdmin.

I tried it and so far it is awesome especially for something that you can get for free. Some of my favorite features are custom report creation, data visualization through charts and graphs, import and export functionality for almost all data aggregation and the customizable dashboard. I will post more articles of Apsona ShopAdmin as I explore more of its features. To the developers, kudos!

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  2. Rick Ch says:

    Hi, Thanks for creating this great tool. I have installed it in my opencart site. It is a vital tool for administering a realistic shopping site with substantial products and customers.

    I have a follow-up question please – I have added an extra field in the customer table, but I cannot see it in your listings and reports. Do your reports only cover standard opencart fields, and is it possible to add custom fields? Thanks

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