Facebook Active Sessions: Know Who’s Using Your Account

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Did you know that there is a way to check which devices your Facebook Account is currently or has recently been accessed? Security and privacy has always been Facebook’s bane of existence that is why it continues to build improvements in its security features; one of which is what Facebook calls Active Sessions.

According to Facebook:

The Active Sessions section of your Security Settings page shows you a list of the recent times you’ve accessed your Facebook account. Each entry includes the date and time you signed into Facebook, your approximate location when signing in, and the type of device you were using to access your account. You will also see the option to end any active session on the right side of each entry.

This is a great tool especially when you happen to accidentally leave your Facebook account open. You can easily monitor any unauthorized access to your account and end it anytime you wish without having to log out in the actual device/computer it is on. Here is how you can see your Active Sessions in a regular browser:

  1. Login to you Facebook account.
  2. Select Account | Account Settings then click Security (at the menu on the left)
  3. Click Active Sessions. The details of your current session and recently ended ones will then be shown.

Here is a screenshot of mine:

As shown above, a short history of your sessions is shown including the approximate location and the device or browser used. Try it now and see for yourself.

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53 Responses to Facebook Active Sessions: Know Who’s Using Your Account

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  2. Lsusun says:

    I followed the instructions above and my Active Sessions only shows current location with no history and does not have any “End” to click on. I do not recognize the location but since I log onto the internet through my broadband cable I realize this might be their IP address. I do not know, though, so it worries me especially as what I see on the screen is not what Your instructions told me to expect.

  3. johny says:

    what is session initiated??(last one)
    is dis olso a device from which acount is logged in??

  4. sonia says:

    I’m so confused and scared!!! I looked at my security settings on Facebook timeline and it showed like 7 or 8 active sessions in new york, new York and Oakland, California. I live in California but not in Oakland and the only place I’ve been close to Oakland is san Jose. I ended the active sessions. Does this mean I was hacked?? 🙁

    • Andy says:

      yes someone is using your account? do you play fb games where you can add friends? try not to add strangers and accept strangers request or most of all don’t push pop up windows saying you won something or pretty much any pop of windows. Just end their activity and change your password including your email addy…goodluck

      • Mark Kenney says:

        I have login activities from several different locations too…mine cannot be deactivated as there is not an END ACTIVITY selection beside this notification… besides my true login location > yes I can end these

  5. Mike says:

    I am in the same boat. I see active sessions from Boston, Mass and I am located in Central NY. I have changed my password several times in the past few days to try and stop this but it keep happening. Im not sure what the problem is. What can I do?

  6. jas says:

    hello – i am in victoria and i had an active session in sydney australia. i hovered my mouse over it and it came up w a whole lot of detail like numbers etc. would it be possible to find out where this is coming from with this information?

  7. Andy nev says:

    Hi, same thing, had several active sessions located other end of country in the UK. Bemused to say the least. Has my mobile device just located itself to that area somehow or is someone hacking my account. Not changing password cuz wanna keep tabs on activity….help??

  8. Andy nev says:


  9. Patty.guitar says:

    I end the same sessions all the time, the people logging in from sydney have stopped because i changer my email and password twice and now this android user seems to still be accessing my account, what do i do if i have 3 recognized devices and end their session??? Thanks

  10. Alexis Threadcraft says:

    The same problem has been occurring with me also. I have never been to Houston, TX or Longview, TX and I went to active sessions and they were on that list, device type unknown. I have changed my email, and password to Facebook and my contact information is kept private. I still get these in my active sessions. Its creeping me out, so help me…

  11. sahil says:

    what about session terminated i am facing that problem.

  12. alessandro says:

    Hallo. Downloading the extended archive of my FB account I found an event “mobile session terminated”, the IP associated corresponding to my usual IP assigned. The strange thing is that I never connected to FB using a mobile device, and all connection I opened were made using a browser from my workstation. Any idea what can explain this strange event ?
    Thanx for reading and answering


  13. Sue says:

    Is there a way to get an extended version of your active sessions? I mean can you go back a couple of weeks?

  14. john says:

    Does this ‘active sessions’ information also apply to the mobile facebook messenger app. will facebook record where you have logged in from on the messenger app?

  15. john says:

    does the active sessions feature also work the messenger app on iphone?

  16. Summer says:

    It says on Facebook my Active Sessions is Germany,MD,US? I’m no where close to there. I just made this new facebook & it won’t let me end the session. Someone please help me. 🙁

    • Marc says:

      NSA has a big hacking office in Germantown, MD. If you have a Mac when you see your weather location as Germantown, MD they are watching you.

  17. Tausif says:

    people don’t get panick, it happens when IP is routed from some other place( usually National Internet backbone).

  18. Laura says:

    I think that using Google Chrome and other Google products, your account tends to say a different location than your current IP. I look at all my active times, including current, and those lining up with my computer where I use Chrome say San Jose. My mobile connections say somewhere else. And when I ended the connection my phone beeped and told me that it disconnected my session.

  19. Robert says:

    It’s a relief to know other people are experiencing the same thing. I’m new to Facebook and freaked out when I went into the security settings and saw my current session was in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia), when I’m on the other side of the country, in sunny Perth, W.A.
    The thing is though, it keeps changing to different suburbs in Melbourne. At first I thought whoever had hacked into my FB account was on a smart phone driving around. But I guess not. I s’pose.

  20. tanja says:

    I only have 2 active sessions one on my phone and other one on my laptop.I now have 5 active sessions and the locations not where I stay I’m in South Africa and some are in London and California. Do I end all these sessions immediately? Although the time is correct when accessing my profile. Very confusing!

  21. kerri says:

    I recently asked my girlfriend to check her activity session becuz some posts to her wall from me were being deleted. I thought it was a pissed off ex. Well, when she looked, it showed her account being accessed by an android (which i have) in the two towns that i was visiting at the time; making it look like it was me. I was totally freaked out. I obviously do not have her password, and thank god she is sure that it wasn’t me, but damn, it makes it look like it was. I have spent hours trying to find an explanation for this for some peace of mind but i have gotten nowhere. Does anybody have any idea why this would be? I installed and sent stuff to her from THE CHIVE app from both the locations it showed. Could this be it.
    frustrated and pissed

  22. salam! plz tell me that how can i active my blocked facebook website?

  23. salam! plz tell me that how can i active blocked facebook website ?

  24. Stephen Smerdon says:

    I have noticed that my active session not only shows diff locations which I understand happens due to IP’s server locations but I noticed a diff device bring used I only log in through either IOS6 on my I phone or windows 7 on a pc but one active session was coming from a windows XP system , which I have never used to access Facebook . Have I been hacked ? Thanks …

  25. honey says:

    some one using my account and doing fake accounts in my name and editing my photos and giving me problem blackmailing pls give reply for dis to my mail i’ll be waiting please

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  27. Anonymous says:

    I clicked ‘end all activity’ on Facebook. But shortly afterwards, I kind of feel like I need to know the other user’s IP. Does any of you have any idea how could I undo this? Thanks.

    • Molly says:

      Anonymous: In Feb. 2014, you posted an online question which asked how to “undo” the “end all activity” on your facebook account. Did you ever get an answer as to how to do that? I also clicked “end all activity” in the settings/privacy section, but I would like to know how to undo that. Thank You

  28. iza says:

    help! same thing goes for me. my boyfriend always have last accesed time in security settings on our iphone5. although the location is correct, he said he didnt log in at that particular time. is it possible? to have a last accessed time recognized by facebook yet my boyfriend isnt logging in at that time? or can facebook can have problems recognizing last log ins? or my boyfriend is lying to me? i always asked him about his log ins bcoz im thinking he has another facebook account and he checked it everytime then log back in to his real account. he said hes not logging out and going back in at that time but the facebook last accessed settings shows he was. help…

  29. iza says:

    is it possible that facebook will have error to the last log in time? i kept asking or even talked to him seriously but hes really swearing he didnt log in at that particular time. he was online 3:58pm and posted something on his timeline. and then the last accessed time on security settings shows he logged in 3:59pm. if he has another account can he check it just for a minute then log back in to his real account? no right? i gotta be convinced this fb last accessed time is somehow having errors. help. help. any experience this? you didnt log in at that particular time but facebook shows you were? is that facebook error? or is it impossible to have time errors like that?

  30. android says:

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox
    and now each time a comment is added I get
    four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Thank you!

  31. Luke says:

    Iza, just wondering if you have found out any more information as I’m pretty sure I’m experiencing the exact same thing as you were/are? Thanks

  32. brandon says:

    My active sessions keep saying theres a unknown device using my fb and ive tried changing my password but it doesnt help because it still sais that the unknown device is accesing it even after i end its session it sais the same thing at different times of the day so could someone plz help me out because i think someones hacking it

  33. sumone keep entering my fb account and I keep hitting the end activity but they are steady coming back how can i keep them out perm an find out who they are so if I befriended them i can’t delete an block them.

  34. its the government watching everything you do and say to eachother including your camera it watch’s you even when your not using it. delete your facebook app!

  35. Marva says:

    I live in Dallas, TX and my account ALWAYS says that their is an active session in Bellevue, WA? I’m unable to log out of it and it shows that it’s only one session. Also, when I go to add a new number on my account it won’t let me. It says that I have to come back later. Why is this? And how can it be corrected ASAP?

  36. Marvelous says:

    I have someone in Bellevue, WA that remains in my active session and I’ve NEVER been to Bellevue, WA. Does anyone know a contact email or number to FB? If all of us are having the same issues they are not aware and they need to be. I have a feeling who my backer are, but they DON’T WANT NONE OF THIS! And if iy comes out to be my ex and his dumb founded gullible mother, I promise they will pay. I’m going to make sure that i prosecute them to the fullest extent of my law and theirs too!

  37. Jarri abbas says:

    Give me good privacy setting

  38. Jarri abbas says:

    Send me good setting

  39. Connie says:

    Someone has hacked. Years ago you could end the session and it would be reported to facebook. I’ve had someone hack into mine. I know for a fact because it’s an acquaintance of my boyfriend. He supposivley doesn’t like the guy. But my boyfriend has told me locations this guy was at. These locations are showing up on my account.
    I’ve reported this mess to facebook. I keep ending session. I’ve changed my password. And my email. You can’t get rid of them unless you delete your account. Start all over and hide your email. They get in through your email. Once they have the email you’re using they can hack. Changing your password does nothing. I’m disappointed with Facebook because year’s ago they took this more seriously.
    In today’s time they should be taking it seriously.
    Before I realized I was hacked my boyfriend knew. He said he deleted his account. But what makes me mad is he was still facebook friends with this aquaintence. He doesn’t socialize with him anymore but he’s got the guy on his facebook.
    This facebook crap can ruin people. I had things getting deleted off my facebook. I didn’t get messages because they were deleted.
    The problem I have with Facebook is when you end sessions it should mean end it from that device. I’ve been hacked by an Android. I have a Samsung. Facebook should take responsibility for hackers. Some people have family in the military. Facebook should be ashamed they’re not controlling it.
    My hacker is using the same phone. He’s in the same locations. I had his lunch time figured out. Now he’s hacked only into my messanger. Each time I get on messanger it’s as if his phone is mine. But mine is a Samsung galaxy. I’ve entered into facebook my phone information. Everything I can do but delete my whole account. I have photos in Facebook that I have nowhere else. My hacker has changed my password. I’ve tried logging in through a computer and it says my password is always wrong. The only way I can access facebook is from my cell because it’s open. If I ever logged off from my cell I would never be able to get into my facebook.
    Don’t let these people try and tell you its a tower or anything other than the truth. You have been hacked period. I have photos to get off my facebook and because it take time to redo everything I haven’t done it. But the fact is you have to delete your account. And hide your email from everyone. Notice you don’t get advice on what to do from even someone through facebook? Because they have let it get out of control. The ones that are hacked they just wait for you to delete your stuff. Facebook has already told people to hide their contact information. They didn’t tell people until it had already gotten out of control.
    Does anyone have a direct contact number to facebook to report? Or is everything reported online?
    Ask yourself that or answer that

  40. Dee says:

    I’ve deleted all sessions I can, but it leaves me with a location of Richardson, TX. (Which does not give me the option of deleting) And I’m in Michigan. I have changed my password and no more locations have been added, but the one location listed is still not mine. what would my next step be to make sure my account has not been hacked. Thank you.

  41. I would love. To getmy pictures. out my old facebook page. If thats okay. Woth you.

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  43. no one says:

    Change your ip address from your router.
    Seemed to.work 4 me

  44. Iiian says:

    How could this be happen when i didnt log out on my facebook apps. And only Facebook does active session restart without logging out to my phone? Any help?

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