60+ Homemade Web Icons 16×16 GIFs Free Download

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Yeah, homemade like that favorite dish your mom or dad used to make – delicious, good, and best of all FREE. This is a collection of little web icons, specifically 16 x 16 GIF free for download. I made these myself and the collection is actually a work in progress, so if you have any requests for additional icons to be added in the collection you can notify me through the comments below. I hope you guys find these useful!

Btw, here’s the preview:


Download Free Web Icons: Free Web Icons by maca (880)

Additionally, I also created a bunch of smileys that you might want to check out:

Download Free Smileys: Free Smileys and Emoticons by maca (1048)

About maca

Hello, my name is Karlo Macariola. I once dreamed to be a painter or an animator but when I typed my first line of code I immediately fell in love with programming. Today my passions are with web development and web design though sometimes I still withdraw to my first love which is drawing. DeviantArt | Twitter | Facebook
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