• Sumo

Deviantart being the largest art website has its fair share of memes that are exclusive to its Deviants. Many are fun to do especially when you see everybody is doing it (that’s why it’s a meme!) Here, I listed not just any memes but those that are most helpful to you. Here is my roundup of the Top 10 Deviantart Memes that will surely improve your drawing skills:

(Please click the images to redirect to the Deviation page and download the raw copy.)

Seasonal Outfit Meme by pokemoneg

Visualize what your character will be wearing in all four seasons in both casual and formal wear. Keep in mind the cultural background of your character and how the clothing complements your character’s aura.

Seasonal Outfit Meme

Unique Faces Template by Diana-M

Try to fill up all the squares by coming up with as many uniquely drawn faces as you can. The artist specified a checklist of faces that you may want to do here.

Unique Faces Template

03-09 Improvement Meme Temp by Kamaniki

This is a fun meme that makes you go over your past artworks and in a way build your own portfolio. Nostalgic but after seeing how you improved will give you a sense of achievement. It is in PSD format so you can change the years you want to cover.

03-09 Improvement Meme Temp

Colour Scheme Challenge by Rozzers

Draw your character (or anything you like) in the specified color palette improving the way you harmonize colors.

Colour Scheme Challenge

Influence Map Meme by fox-orian

The creator of the meme explains: The grid can ultimately be filled out however you want it to be. The recommended sizes of the images are shown below the grid — make your biggest influence take up 3×3 squares! Lesser ones to follow. Also, editing the file, changing colors, sizes, fonts, whatever, have at it! Make it yours! Here’s an example fox-orian made.

Influence Map Meme

Art Meme by nyu

This is one of the most popular memes on Deviantart. It is an introspection of things that makes you the artist you are now.

Art Meme

Character Meme I – Ages by amberneely

This is a fun meme that allows you to draw your character in different ages that are specified under the boxes. Observe the features that change and does not change for each age. Unchanging features and patterns define your character.

Character Meme I - Ages

25 Essential Expressions by napalmnacey

Yet another meme that gained much popularity in Deviantart. Simply draw the same character wearing the expression in the that corresponds each box. Consistency is the key.

25 Essential Expressions

Fucking Annoying Poses Meme by amberneely

This rather honest meme will make (or force) you to draw poses that most of us find it hard to do.

Fucking annoying poses meme

Style Meme from PIXIV [translated] by Rubber-Soul

Draw you character in different styles. The most challenging and interesting part perhaps is the last frame where you are to draw your character in other artist’s style. This meme was translated by Rubber-Soul from a PIXIV meme, which is Japanese.

Style Meme from PIXIV