• Sumo

Smoke textures are interesting design elements that you can use in your designs. It contributes a fluid feel in your design and some softness into it. If you happen to need some high quality smoke textures as a background, here are some of the most excellent texture packs from DeviantArt that I rounded up for use of designers like you. All of which are conducive to editing in your favorite image editor (esp. Photoshop). In using any of these, please give credit to the respective creators. Show some love <3


1. Smoke Stocks by r4fay

High resolution and raw smoke images photographed against a neutral background. Very useful.

2. Package Ink – 1 by 9ualia

I thought that this qualifies to be in this list – smoky ink diffusing in water. Some interesting effects here coupled with the vibrant colors of the ink used. Splendid.

3. Textures Set: Smoke by scatterflee

Upon seeing this texture pack, I immediately thought that it would probably look well with the Overlay Layer settings in Photoshop. Great thing about it is it’s desaturated.

4. 15 1200×800 Smoke Stocks by GrahamPhisherDotCom

Some great looking smoke in black background just begging to be Photoshopped.

5. Texture Set 4 by anamcr

Another smoke textures with black background with some interesting shapes.

6. Smoke Texture Pack by cloaks

Colorful smoke stocks in different shapes and smoke density. Definitely a useful set of stocks.