8 Hand Free Vector Art Resources for Designers

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Need a hand at your current design project? Listed here are some free resources of hand vector art in different gestures, styles and realism. Just click the image to redirect yourself to the source page to download. Please give credit to the artist if you want to use it.


1. Hand Drawn Hands-Vector by Stockgraphicdesigns

A realistically drawn vector art of a hand in foreshortened and reaching out position.

2. Fist by LoogieArt

An awesome hand vector art with its fist firmly clenched. The style is quite symbolic and perfect for use in posters.

3. World and Hands Stock by turp

A yet another symbolic hand vector art. A globe rests on cupped palms. According to the artist, the globe and the hand are made in different layers so you can use them separately.

4. Vector Hands by mat3jko

A bunch of hands raised in the air as if in a gathering (eg. concert)

5. Hands Vector Pack by Jonny-Doomsday

A very useful vector pack of cartoonish hand gestures reminiscent of our favorite cartoon characters by Disney.

6. Free Vector Hands by 123freevectors

The style of drawing in this set of hand vector art is moderate and very desirable for use in most designs.

7. Hand-drawn Hands Pack by peachananr

A set of excellently drawn vector hand gestures. The style is quite realistic as the lines and the anatomy are emphasized in detail.

8. Pointing Hands Vectors by bozoartist

Here is a useful vector pack of hands exclusively comprised of pointing hands. These are always ideal for graphics that convey direction.

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  2. alseny diallo says:


    i really liked your drawing of the World and Hands Stock by turp. I am creating a small community association. and i was wondering if you wouldn’t mind that I use the picture as our logo. It really fits the mission statement that association is about. i will edit the picture and and add some script to use it as my logo for the association.


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