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A couple of years ago back when I was still studying Adobe Illustrator I practiced my vector art skills on creating apples. Why apples you say? I don’t have a clue either. I don’t even eat those damn things, hahaha (no offense apple eaters). Perhaps they were made for this day; that they see the world and be used by good people on the internet who somehow needs a vector image of an apple. Come forth my apples! 😀

Oh how I love/hate apples.

BTW, free bites! I mean these are available to download for FREE (commercial or personal use). I hope your designs find them delicious!

Here is the download link: Apple Vector Art Free to Download (1030)

The package contains the vector files in AI format.

Here’s a preview of the two apple artworks that you will get:

Yum, apple!

Yum, another apple! With a leaf!

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Hello, my name is Karlo Macariola. I once dreamed to be a painter or an animator but when I typed my first line of code I immediately fell in love with programming. Today my passions are with web development and web design though sometimes I still withdraw to my first love which is drawing. DeviantArt | Twitter | Facebook
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