Best WordPress Plugins: JQuery Image Sliders

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Here is my first post for my Best WordPress Plugins series. First up – JQuery Image Sliders.

One effective way of increasing website usability is by using a rather visual approach on the information you want to convey (As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words). This is why many web designers and developers use image sliders in many web designs. Such image sliders are usually built on top of jQuery which is probably the most prominent Javascript framework around.

As someone who creates websites for a living, I use WordPress as base for my CMS projects and usually, I find myself looking for a good jQuery image slider that I can use for homepages. Below are some of the best WordPress plugins that features the most excellent jQuery slider when it comes to effects, functionality and ease of use. Among the list, I recommend Promotion Slider and Meteor Slides the most.

Promotion Slider by Micah Wood


  • Easy creation and management of promotions within the WordPress admin.
  • Automatic inclusion of featured images attached to promotions.
  • Creation of unique pages with a unique URL for each promotion.
  • SEO friendly jQuery animation that can be viewed on most mobile devices.
  • Slider navigation that makes it easy for users to find and click on the promotion of their choice.
  • A selection of different default styles to choose from.
  • Supports the option to link to external URLs instead of promotion pages from the slider.
  • Optionally display third party ad code in a slider panel.
  • Ability to display only a certain post type or limit to posts from a certain category.
  • Customizable time delay and the ability to disable automatic slide advancement.
  • Built-in support for displaying a title and/or excerpt for each post or promotion.
  • The ability to display multiple sliders on a single page without conflicts.
  • Works with any custom post type.
  • Plenty of hooks available to advanced WordPress users.

WordPress Plugin Page | Plugin Website

Meteor Slides by Josh Leuze


  • Easy integration: Add the slideshow to your site using a template tag, shortcode, or widget.
  • Multiple Slideshows: Organize your slides into multiple slideshows.
  • Slideshow settings page: Control the slide height and width, the number of slides, the slideshow speed and transition style, and the type of navigation.
  • Slideshow metadata: Customize individual slideshows or configure morejQuery Cycle options with the MetaData jQuery Plugin.
  • Slideshow transition styles: blindX, blindY, blindZ, cover, curtainX, curtainY, fade, fadeZoom, growX, growY, none, scrollUp, scrollDown, scrollLeft, scrollRight, scrollHorz, scrollVert, slideX, slideY, turnUp, turnDown, turnLeft, turnRight, uncover, wipe, zoom.
  • Slideshow navigation: Optional previous/next and/or paged slide navigation.
  • Multiple languages: Chinese, English, French, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

WordPress Plugin Page | Plugin Website

Easing Slider by Matthew Ruddy


  • New Link images to URLs.
  • Pagination (with custom icons if you wish)
  • Next/previous buttons
  • Choose between three different shadow types
  • 7 different types of preloading icons (or use none)
  • Padding & border settings
  • And much more.

WordPress Plugin Page | Plugin Website

TheThe Image Slider by TheThe Fly


  • Activation with shortcode.
  • Simple, semantic HTML markup.
  • Goes with multiple pre-designed CSS skins.
  • Easy style customization – create your own gallery style.
  • Very flexible configuration including image resizing.
  • Super fast image browsing since the images are preloaded one at a time in the background.
  • Slide navigation controls allow for pause/play and forward/back.
  • 4 pagination styles: dots, numbers, thumbs, slide names.
  • 5 pagination places: top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left, underneath.
  • Tens animation effects including Slide, Fade, Flip.
  • Support for multiple galleries per page.
  • Supported in Safari 4+, Chrome 4+, Firefox 3.6+, Opera 10+, and IE7+.
  • Supported on mobile devices ( iOS and Android ).
  • Directional, keyboard, and touch swipe navigation.
  • Lightweight (5 Kb minified).
  • You can use many HTML tags in the Caption area.
  • Graceful degradation when Javascript is not available.
  • Free to use under the GNU GPL license.

WordPress Plugin Page | Plugin Website

JJ NextGen JQuery Slider by JJ Coder

The ‘JJ NextGen JQuery Slider’ allows you to create a ‘Nivo slider’ ( as a widget or as a shortcode. This plugin uses the ‘NextGen Gallery’ plugin for its images.

WordPress Plugin Page

Thumbnail by linder6580

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