• Sumo

I just had my iPod Touch upgrade its operating system to iOS 5 and instantly, what I loved and noticed the most is the new Notifications Center. Here however, I am not going to talk about how awesome it is because of its function and usability, but merely because it sports iOS’s slick fabric texture. I just love how it is pixel perfect and how it is a versatile background. So now I searched and listed some of the best made free textures that I could find in the internet that resembles iOS’s famous fabric background used in various parts in the operating system’s user interface. Look closely in each entry, they differ much in the texture!

Just click the image to go to the source page. Credit the image owner whenever you can! Enjoy!

Apple iOS Linen Texture from premiumfreebies.eu (by Oussama Afellad)

Apple iOS Linen Texture from premiumpixels.com

iOS Fabric Texture from designmoo.com (by Eric Anderson)

Linen Texture from deviantArt (by zyuriy)

iOS Fiber Texture from deviantArt (by pandemonium-graphics)