• Sumo

Using soil as a significant design element give a unique grunge texture and brings an earthy feel to the design. The appearance of the soil varies mainly in its moisture content, texture, grain size and other factors which directly affects what the overall output wants to convey.

Here I rounded up 10 of the most excellent grunge soil textures found in Deviantart which designers like you can use. Creators/owners of the image would appreciate greatly if you credit their work (Credit details are in the description once you click the image). Spread some love <3

1. CN 109 by nestrstock

An image of what appears to be a drying mud as shown with the dark colored soil. Cracks on the soil are larger on the dry area.

2. Clumpy Rocks by Neriah-stock

Image of clumpy soil caused perhaps by drying of rocky mud.

3. Organic Earth Texture by Goblin-stock

This type of soil looks very conducive for vegetation like that found in the garden or farms.

4. Package – Muddy – 4 by resurgere

An excellent texture pack of interesting mud/soil patterns. Commercial use of these stock photos are prohibited though. You can read further the image usage instructions in resurgere’s description.

5. Cracked Dirt Texture – 2 by ChildOfAtlas

A great picture of dried soil with nice and even texture overall.

6. Desert Dirt Rain-Crust Texture by Enchantedgal-Stock

An interesting image of a combination of dirt, fungi, algae, and lichens taken from Arches National Park in Utah according to the image owner. Great picture considering it looks like it was taken from a plane.

7. Textures – Soil Pack 01 by gd08

A pack of three high resolution soil patterns. Great texture for backgrounds.

8. Soil Erosion Texture by Allegrija

A texture pack consisting of four fantastic images of soil erosion patterns. Very useful!

9. Soil Pattern 1.0 by Sed-rah-Stock

A very nice soil pattern with yet another even texture. Please read the description for usage.

10. Soil Ground Texture by RoSsRoBiN

Awesome shot of bright red colored soil.