• Sumo

Though I am a web developer by profession, I have been drawing long before I started programming (or learn how to use the computer for that matter). It has become a hobby that I do once in a while. Actually, what I am getting at here is to share with you some of my drawing practice sheets that I made in attempt to improve my drawing skills. You can use these as reference, or for drawing exercises.

Hope you find them useful! Enjoy drawing!

Lazy Mannequin Figure Tut

This is a drawing request by someone at DeviantArt. It basically shows how I draw mannequin figures that are bases for the pose of a character.

Mannequin Wings

Though I’m not sure if this guy can really fly, this is an attempt to make a frame of a winged person (or an angelic figure if you may). I focused on the detail of the feathers and the proportion of the body relative to the area of the wings.

Mannequin Sword Poses

By far this is my most “popular” drawing reference that I made. I don’t know why (maybe because I’m that awesome! No? No?… Okay I’ll go away now). Anyway, this is an attempt to create poses for wielding different swords. I’d like to point out as well that I didn’t have any real references while making this; so this may not be as reliable as I or you may think :D. I just made these and thought then, “Well, this looks good enough to me.” So yeah…

Stick Figure Practice

I made this way back when I was studying character illustration in my Digital Arts course (as shown in the tab at the left side of the drawing). The teacher asked us to draw stick figures to practice on. Something tells me that I was a bit constipated then when making this. I don’t know.

Mannequin Framework Practice

Made this the same day as the one above. I wonder what I was thinking when I drew the person in the right. :/

Body Language Practice

My drawing teacher asked me to draw figures that show different emotions clearly through only body languages and without having to add much detail to the drawing.

Drapery Practice

I made this when we are studying drapery in class. I was asked to draw a ball with a towel draping over it but I thought it’d be boring so instead I drew Death’s hood & robe and a girl holding up her dress.

 Now, it’s your turn to draw 🙂