• Sumo

I am a lurker in Imgur.com. I view the pictures, read the comments but never participate on the discussions. Every once in a while a weird picture comes up in the gallery. It’s so weird that it makes me want to say out loud “WTF!” But sometimes it’s hard to express such emotions just by writing a comment or emoticons.

Imgurians (what members of Imgur call themselves) however tend to post funny animated GIFs to express more clearly their reaction to the “WTF” picture. Here I’ve listed some of the funniest reaction GIFs to images that makes you want to say, “What the F” that I’ve seen on Imgur. You can also use these in forums and imageboards :).

Shocked J. Alexander

Seinfeld Nope

Steve Carell Nope Nope Nope

Steve Carell NO! GOD!

Surprised Hippie from Italian Spiderman

Nicole Randall Johnson OMG WTF?!


“That’s enough internet for today…”

What. The. Actual. F**k?

Stephen Colbert WTF!

Crying Judge