• Sumo

Let’s face it, updating products in OpenCart is not exactly the funnest thing to do especially when there are hundreds of them to keep in check. I scoured the internet for the easiest way to do this and here are a few extensions that I found that you may find useful; if you have money to spare that is:

Mass Product Updater Pro by nchankov

This is an extremely useful OpenCart extension that allows you to easily update product item details immediately in the product table list (when you go to the Products page in Admin) with an added sorting functionality. Visit Plugin Page

Bulk Special by Hildebrando

This extension is especially useful if you have a bunch of products that can be availed to a special price. Extensions like these are really hard to come by. Visit Plugin Page

Bulk Add Products to Category 1.4.8 – 1.5.X by JAY6390

This extension saves you time in designating categories to a large number of products. Visit Plugin Page

These plugins are all awesome and great but for me, I try to resort to solutions that does not cost me a single cent. I stumbled upon Apsona ShopAdmin for OpenCart a few months before and I discovered that not only does it make a great reporting service for OpenCart, but it is also a very handy tool for updating products as well (Actually, not only products but also the key tables in the software). I wrote on a previous article how to get and how to install Apsona in OpenCart. Try it, it’s FREE!

Assuming that you’ve already installed Apsona in your OpenCart installation, here’s a tip on updating your product table smooth and easy: From the menu, select Tabular View in the Products tab. A table of your products will then be shown. Since Apsona runs on AJAX, you can readily edit the fields in the table just by clicking. Once the value of a field/cell is changed, just click the Save button at the upper right corner of the table to keep the changes. This method saved me tons of time when I had to add the prices on my products. All 100+ of them. Whew!

Here’s another tip for efficiency that will cost you none a penny. Use JNeuhoff‘s Export/Import Tool OpenCart extension. Yes, you guessed it. It allows you to export or import your entire product details to a neat and easy to understand MS Excel spreadsheet. Click here to download it for FREE. This makes managing your products easier because apparently it is 10x easier to type your products to a spreadsheet and upload it all at once than it is to encode every single product in the Admin tool especially when you have boatloads of them to encode.

That’s all that I can share for now as far as the subject of not making updating product details in OpenCart a living hell :). If you have any further suggestions or tips on this that I failed to mention, you can share it via the comments section below (especially those that doesn’t involve buying premium extensions :D)