Cake on a table
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Cake on a table
In some context, you simply can't take the cake without the table.

For some no. Maybe it isn’t. Also, this blog has always been about the web, so why this post? Well, this is my excuse: as a web developer there are times that I have to copy and paste content from an old website to a new one using WordPress and its famous (or infamous) text editor. The content of old websites and a few that were developed by fanatics of tabular layout (completely¬†different from using tables for actual tabular data) are likely to be coded with umm… tables. So by now I guess you get my drift here – I have to transfer the content from these websites to my project MINUS the table. You see, when I first attempted to paste it straight to WordPress the table did not come off the text. It went right along with it which was annoying (for me at least).

So how do you do it? (I’m using MS Word 2007.)

The useful part/solution:

  1. Copy and paste the tabulated content to MS Word.
  2. Select All (Ctrl+A) that content and click Clear Formatting in the Home ribbon (at the rightmost corner of the Font tab).
  3. Right-click the selected text and choose Styles > Select Text with Similar Formatting
  4. Copy the filtered, selected text and paste it in the WordPress editor (or anywhere else).
  5. Say goodbye to the table and proceed with your victory dance… and oh, style the text as you please.

It is especially helpful when you have pages and pages of content to transfer from a table-infested website (no offense table worshippers).

You might also think that you can just copy the table-wrapped content to Notepad. I tried this before but the way they are divided by the table is lost in the process. In other words, the content stripped using the method above comes out organized as it was with the tables, only with paragraphs. Pretty cool eh?

This method is the most clever way that I could think of to deal with this kind of task; so if you know some other easier way to do this please share your wisdom in the name of productivity! ūüėÄ

Thanks to jvangalen for the awesome photo!