Hiding and Restoring Hidden Posts in Facebook Timeline

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Hide it, not Delete it

If you click on the Edit or Remove button (which appears when you hover over the upper corner of a post in your Facebook Timeline), you are given the option to Hide, or Delete the post. As the action’s label implies, selecting Hide from Timeline removes the post from the Timeline without having to actually delete it.

Edit or Remove button

You can unhide/restore the post by clicking Undo, which appears immediately after you hide it.

Undo Hidden Story

Restoring Hidden Posts via the Activity Log

You can restore all your hidden posts in the Activity Log. The Activity Log is “a list of your posts and activity, from today back to the very beginning” (Facebook), therefore this is where you can find all the posts that you’ve hidden in the past. In the contrary, this does not include posts that you deleted.

Activity Log button

Click the Activity Log button just below the cover of your Timeline and find the post that you hid. You can see at the right side of each entry the status of the post. Click it and switch the status from Hidden from Timeline to Allowed on Timeline. The post will then be visible in your Timeline once again.

Activity Log entries

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40 Responses to Hiding and Restoring Hidden Posts in Facebook Timeline

  1. Kristina says:

    Thanks for this! Was driving me insane! Appreciate it :)

  2. Aj Banda says:

    well this kind of posts is starting to get popular specially that Facebook has been using timeline permanently to all users. :)

  3. Azzam Sheikh says:

    Awesome and this post inspired me to create a quick video just in case:


  4. Nomi says:

    Hi. When I hide a post in my news feed, it gets hidden, but then, whenever I refresh or go away and come back to the page, the post is back again. Is that just the way it is, or is there a way to make those posts stay hidden? Thanks.

  5. tej says:

    hi Mr.Maca

    thank u very much take care :-)

  6. Jen says:

    How do I restore my recent comment activity? I clicked the timeline link “more recent activity” and i can access all my recent activity.

    When I click on the circle that shows a comment I made on a photo or a friends status…etc etc it says “allowed on timeline” but when I click the circle it says “delete” there is no sign of audience (friends, public etc etc “) beside it like my games/my status updates do. So how do I restore this

  7. only some of mine are showing back up on time; pictures I added to an album didn’t – which is what I really want and not all the other updates FB posts.

  8. d says:

    Thanks, this was really helpful. Was hoping you could maybe help with something similar. I don’t want tagged photos to appear in my timeline, but would like tagged posts to appear. Is there a way to differentiate the two so tagged posts can appear but not tagged photos? Looking through privacy settings I haven’t been able to find a way- seems like it is either allow both or block both.

    Thank you!

  9. somu says:

    sir i am not getting any post and photos on my timeline
    wall which my friends posted. But i can see those post and
    photos when i press home button plz help to fix this problem

  10. ahseeb says:

    hi i uploaded a pic then i hide it then someone commented on it like a hour later does that mean they saw the post on the newsfeed or were they just perving on my pics

  11. pale says:

    hi. i didnt mean to delete a post on my timeline is there anyway i can get it back ??

  12. me says:

    But how do we hide posts from specific people?

  13. jeni says:

    it really helped……:P

  14. pia says:

    Thanku tons Maca :]

  15. David says:

    A friend shared a post on my Timeline. I hid it from my Timeline. When I go into my Activities Log page, I do not see that hidden post, therefore I am afforded the option to unhide it.

  16. I have a lot of info electronics shopping and want to share a lot of site where you sell and buy electrons gadgets at cheapest cost.

  17. Vajeha says:

    how do undo hide a tagged photo from timeline?? Please help!

  18. karlo says:

    in response to Lissette Centracchio
    ”only some of mine are showing back up on time; pictures I added to an album didn’t – which is what I really want and not all the other updates FB posts”

    click activity log,
    click top right Posts and Apps,
    scroll down options click on all activity
    all everything should show up
    it worked for me

  19. Haimanti says:

    Good help…very helpful and appreciable… :)

  20. Ash says:

    I refreshed the page and now the undo button is gone. Is there anyway to get it back still! :(

  21. LC says:

    Hi there, I’ve deleted a post but it’s still appearing on mine and other people’s newsfeed. Is there any way to hide it from the newsfeed now or is it too late because it’s no longer in my activity log etc.? Thanks!

  22. nancy says:

    How do I see my timeline that is blocked for me to see. I did nothing but sign on and it shows no activity in my history in 4 years. Others can see it fine. My stays this morning goes into news fed and n my wall for others to see, i see in news feed but not my timeline, it as ifi have been blocked form my own timeline. i have changed my password etc. to try and restore it. fb has no costumer service help. very very poor professionalism, the help guides they gave were to no avail. it said click on activity and unhide, but my activity log says no post all the way back to 2008. again all friends can see everything current and past. please help me

  23. suraj says:

    How to unhide the posts from your page. I am unable to get it back

  24. Sarah says:

    Please HELP me! I have tried to unhide a post by clicking on the Hidden from Timeline button under Activity Log. But all I get is the word NONE and there are no options and certainly there is no option for “Allow on Timeline” Can anyone help me? I have done everything that has been suggested but no drop down menu comes up with options on it.

  25. Kels says:

    You save me ! Thanks for this post !!! Nice day :))

  26. melissa says:

    not sure what is happening. my pictures i am posting are showing up on my news feed. others can also see on news feed. but i can’t see on my timeline. neither can others. when i go into activity log is says they are all allowed on timeline. but not showing up there. any ideas? thank you!

  27. Johan says:

    Thanks a lot. Very helpful.

  28. K Johnson says:

    If I hide from my timeline that I have accepted a friend request, will the fact that I accepted still show up on that particular friend’s recent activity or once I hide that we are friends, will it also be deleted/hidden from their timeline too?
    Thank you!

  29. K Johnson says:

    To clarify, a little, I am sorry……What I am trying to find out is if I hide from my timeline the fact that I am now friends with someone, will my doing that on my timeline, also automatically delete that information (that we are now friends) from that friend’s recent activity/timeline also?

  30. Manish Anand says:

    Thanks, It helped…..

  31. lily says:

    Very useful . At last I can restore the recent post

  32. Miriam says:

    I have a community page for networking shelter animals, but occasionally comments are hidden and I don’t know why the page is Peace for Paws and the hidden comments are from people who like my page. How can i make sure all comments are visible?

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