• Sumo

The human hand, for some of us, is one of the most challenging things to master drawing.  It is important especially for those who are serious about pursuing a career in drawing. Apart from being the primary focus of a character’s actions, the hand may also serve as one of the key elements that could make the emotions and mood of a character apparent through hand gestures.

As someone who has been drawing for the rest of his life, I had my fair share of drawings with the character’s hands somehow hidden from view just to hide the fact that I can’t draw them. Here I gathered some tutorials from deviantArt that I think would best help those who are struggling to draw hands in various angles.

Just click on each tutorial to go to the artist’s page and download the full size. Enjoy drawing!

Mini Hand Tutorial by nk-chan

Clawed Hand Tutorial by Mytherea

Drawing Hands by Paperwick

Hand Tutorial 2 by Qinni

-Hands Tutorial- by odduckoasis

Hands Tutorial by JohnYume