• Sumo

Yup, today I am going to show you a very easy tutorial on how to do just that – a glowing 3D effect for your text done in Photoshop. This kind of effect is excellent for emphasizing call to actions and as a bonus, it is visible to both dark and light backgrounds and can be easily tweaked to suit better depending on the color of its background.

So, let’s just jump right in to the tutorial shall we? Here, let us try to replicate the one I did above. Open Photoshop now and create a new file – perhaps 800 x 600px will do.

Step 1

Select the Horizontal Type Tool (or just press T for shortcut) and write on the canvas the word you want to create the effect with.

The best fonts for this type of effect are those that are thick and bold so here in my demo I used a bold Arial font with a size of 42pts.

Step 2

Duplicate the text. In case you don’t know how (which is perfectly normal by the way), the easiest way you can do this by dragging the layer of the text to the “Create new layer button” as shown in the image below.

Please pay no attention to “Group 1.” That is my finished product just hidden in the layers :).

Step 3

Select the text layer below. You can hide the text layer above for the time being. Double click it to reveal the Layer Style dialog. Tick Color Overlay and choose a shade of blue. In the example above, I used #0076a3.

Don’t close the Layer Style dialog box just yet. 😉

Step 4

After setting the Color Overlay, tick Stroke and set the stroke size to 10px. Choose a blue color that is noticeably darker than your Color Overlay. Here I used #004660. Click OK to confirm the layer style settings.

Step 5

We’re almost done! Select the text layer above (and make it visible again if you hid it). Change its color to white then double click its layer to reveal its Layer Style and tick Outer Glow. Set the Opacity to 40% to 50%. Set the Spread to 0% and the Size to 20px. Also, set the color of the glow to white. Click OK to confirm the layer style settings.

Step 6

Be sure that the top text layer is selected. Select the Move Tool (or press V for shortcut). Nudge the position of the text layer up by pressing the up cursor until you achieve the desired effect (please see image below). Please take note that there should be at least a thin line at the top of the typography as shown below (boxed).

And you’re done! You can always experiment on the settings to achieve your own interesting effects. Have fun with Photoshop! 🙂