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Smartphones according to Wikipedia are mobile phones combined with the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA); that is, they are built in with an operating system and has more capability than a regular feature phone. In recent years, the popularity of smartphones has significantly increased including its applications. Having said that it is all too often that designers would encounter design projects that would require images of smartphones added as a design element while such gadgets continue to immerse into the market and the consumers’ lifestyle.

Here I rounded up some of the best vector art of some of the most popular smartphones to date. Since the artworks are in vector format these are 100% scalable and would always look pixel perfect in every design. Best of all they are FREE. Should you use any of these artworks, I encourage that you give the awesome vector artists some love and give some attribution or send some notification down their way. Just click the image to go to the source page.

iPhone 5

Created by Apple, the first iPhone triggered a radical change in how smartphones are made and marketed. It is known for its touchscreen based user interface and monolithic design. The iPhone 5 was released September 21, 2012.

atma33’s iPhone 5

belial90’s iPhone 5

pixeden’s iPhone 5 PSD Vector Mockup

takky555’s iPhone 5 Free Vector for Illustrator

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BlackBerry smartphones are developed by Research in Motion (RIM) in which their first device was an email pager released in 1999. (Wikipedia)

Ritchie Brett’s Blackberry Curve 9300

Antilogic’s Blackberry Bold

Bella Media Design’s Blackberry Bold 9700

Nokia Lumia

The Nokia Lumia series of smartphones is first released in 2011 and runs on top of Windows mobile operating system. The word “Lumia” taken from the Finnish word “Lumi” which translates to “snow.” (Wikipedia)

belial90’s Nokia Lumia 800

milktoday’s Nokia Lumia 800

MacKenzie’s Nokia Lumia Vector

Samsung Galaxy S II & S III

The Samsung Galaxy S II and S III are two of the most sought after smartphones in the market, rival to Apple’s iPhone. It runs on Android operating system (by Google) and features a large display with a monolithic design and touchscreen interface.

slkscrn’s Samsung Galaxy S II Vector

belial90’s Samsung Galaxy S III

Google Nexus

Google Nexus is the flagship mobile device of Google’s Android operating system and is favored to receive the first updates in the said operating system. (Wikipedia)

raknoob’s Google Galaxy Nexus – Vector