• Sumo

I happen to be using one of the most awesome plugins that I’ve ever used since WordPress 3.0 came out – the Custom Post Type UI. It is a plugin that allows you to create custom post types as well as additional taxonomies of your own using a graphical user interface instead of creating these through hard coding.

As I was using it for quite a while I created a number of terms in a custom taxonomy that I initially named “industries.” However midway I decided to change this to “niches” which I thought was more proper. I went ahead and changed this using Custom Post Type UI but after updating, the terms that was listed under “industries” was gone. Apparently terms that once belonged to “industries” were never updated in the database along with the label of the taxonomy.

Here’s what I did to bring back the terms that were “lost” when I updated my taxonomy:

  1. I opened my database in phpMyAdmin.
  2. I went for the wp_term_taxonomy table and SELECTed rows where its taxonomy field is equal to “industries” – the previous name of my edited taxonomy.
    SELECT * FROM `wp_term_taxonomy` WHERE `taxonomy`=`industries`

    I then found the lost terms.

  3. I can then update these rows manually and change their taxonomy to “niches.”
    UPDATE `wp_term_taxonomy` SET `taxonomy`=`niches` WHERE `taxonomy`=`industries`
  4. Done! The lost terms are now reoriented to the taxonomy “niche.”

I’m not really sure if this is the easiest way to go about it but, it does seem easy enough! 🙂 I hope by sharing this I helped someone out there.