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Social Media made it easy to bastardize someone’s name or brand in the internet. With just one facebook status or tweet, a bad reputation can reach millions. In this article, we will discuss on 5 Social Media tools to overcome or hide bad reputations online.

1. Trackur


Trackur is fancied by most because of it’s multi-platform coverage and user friendly interface. You can scrutinize anywhere from your search results in Google, to finding out the buzz about your brand in major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. A benchmark feature in Trackur is that they also show you the influence of the people who are talking about your brand – whether or not they’re worthy of your panic, so that’s pretty cool.

2. BrandsEye


If you’re gonna get a team to monitor your brand, BrandsEye saves you a buck or two. Their ‘Team Workflow’ feature allows multiple users to keep a close eye on your online reputation. On the other hand, say your entire team files for a vacation leave at the same time, BrandsEye also offers a ‘Full Automation’ feature. It automatically sends you reports, it even improves its search algorithms as it grows more accustomed to your brand to get more accurate results. Hey, don’t ditch the team though, humans are still your best option.

3. Google Alerts


Say what you want, free is free. Thank you Google for yet another great tool that doesn’t hurt our wallets. Just type in the keywords you want to track, like your company obviously, and Google Alert will send you emails of any mentions of you in the Google database.

4. Brandwatch


Brandwatch takes you inside the playing field without leaving their interface. You can speak your mind then and there with their ‘One-Click’ response feature. Big businesses will probably benefit most from Brandwatch because they offer a plethora of in-depth analysis, and unlimited users for a single account. “The more the merrier”, that’s what they say.

5. Alterian


Like Brandwatch, you can also respond directly form their UI. Alterian is a well established company that offers a smorgasbord of services in reputation management. Their 4 core solutions are Social Media, Web, Email, and Engagement Management & Analytics. For established companies who aim to keep their online image tidy, Alterian is a trusted option.

There are different solutions for different kinds of companies. The most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best, likewise, free doesn’t necessarily mean crappy. For small businesses, there are plenty of other cost-effective and even free tools floating in the net, but Trackur would be a great choice. For the big boys, take time to browse through each of the tools’ websites to find out your best ORM solutions. We gave you our list, but don’t hesitate to hunt for the tool that’ll fit you like a glove.