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It can be tough to find out what business apps can help you, with this in mind here is a small map to guide you on your way.

Apps, apps everywhere, but how do you find one worth its fare? To be truthful, business apps have come a long way, very quickly, and now there are many possibilities to cover each and every part of your business.  If you are going to start using them, then it is worth going the whole hog and picking out a selection that will work together well and will cover all the relevant business bases, from marketing to recruitment to invoicing and human resources.

LocalVox: Make your business heard in the neighbourhood

LocalVoxThis app has won plaudits for the way it assists brick-and-mortar businesses establish their brands on the web. It is a real deal app for the entrepreneur looking for a sustained, relevant marketing push. LocalVox offers tools to promote upcoming events, publish news and promotions across a range of online media in a timely, straightforward manner. This app broadcasts you business’s voice over social media and websites, and crucially local directories and newsletters.

The Resumator: Get the dream team

The ResumatorThis app is not the cheapest, but then again recruitment can be an extraordinary difficult and expensive process, especially when you get it wrong. The Resumator applicant tracking tools are very simple to use and they really get you the most crucial information about your prospective candidates. It works especially well when you have a lot of candidates and a lot of positions to fill. You can still make mistakes, but they won’t come about from a lack of organisation.

Harvest: Make sure you get a full yield from your business crop

HarvestTime is money. The old adage has never been more true as in these recessionary times. That is why it is vital that your invoicing gets done quickly and professionally, and it is also essential that you track the time between invoice being sent and your payment reaching you. Harvest also does a fantastic job of keeping time on how long you have spent on projects. So that whether you are charging by the hour, or even if you are lucky enough to charge by the minute, this app will make sure that you know exactly how much to bill for. It has a handy 30-day free trial, so you would be wise to give it a little spin to see how it can help your business grow.

Human Resources
BambooHR: Don’t spread out your data

BambooHRSpreadsheets can proliferate like a plague of locusts. They are everywhere and yet often apparently nowhere – at least when you can’t find the right one. Managing your staff is tough, and it only gets rougher as your team gets bigger. There is more and more information to keep track of as your business expands and your staffing needs become more involved. Inevitably your spreadsheet requirements explode, with tabs increasing exponentially too. BambooHR is capable of managing all your employee data through spreadsheets, but crucially it keeps them all in one place. It has saved companies money and time. Don’t take my word for it, give a (free) trial. I reckon you’ll get more out of it than you expect.