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This is a metaphor of a silenced Facebook News Feed - pure tranquility.
This is a metaphor of a silenced Facebook News Feed – pure tranquility.

Have you ever been tired of reading all those updates that spew from your Facebook news feed every single day? Reading the same old string of mundane status of friends and pages that don’t actually contribute to your life often times does more bad than good. For one it wastes incredible amounts of time and by reading any of these posts you expose yourself to useless information and end up exhausting your energy pondering on useless things; whereas you ought to be spending your time and energy on things that actually matter. Hey, you grew up without constantly knowing what your classmate from Humanities class back from college has eaten for lunch. To put it bluntly the Facebook news feed is a fountain of garbage that needs plugging – but as they say, that’s just like my opinion man.

Anyway if you share the same sentiment about the Facebook news feed and want to tranquilize it for good then here is the easiest way on how to do it:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Go to your profile page (the link at the top bar that has your name on it).
  3. Click the Friends box under your cover.
  4. Here you will see a list of all your friends. Each of them has a little Friends button which when you hover your mouse on will reveal some options. Uncheck the Show in News Feed option. See image below:
    Friends list
    As the label suggests, you will not receive any updates from him or her by disabling this option.
  5. Do the same for ALL your friends. You can leave out some of them but if you’re like me, I would scroll through all of them to shut the news feed completely. Also, every time you add a new friend you have to do this to keep your News Feed clean. You can also hide updates of friends from the News Feed. I’ve written all about it here.
  6. After shutting off the updates from your friends, you will then have to do the same to your previously Liked pages. You can either unlike them or you can also do disable the Show in News Feed option. From your profile page, click the Likes box under your cover.
  7. You will see that the pages you Liked are grouped chronologically by year. If you hover the mouse over them you will see a box with a label Liked under it. Hover over it and a similar set of options appear as in the previous step. Here you can either hide them or Unlike it altogether – either of which will help kill your news feed. See image below:
    Likes list

Once you have silenced all your Facebook friends and pages you will discover the wonder a silent news feed can bring. It is literally life changing for a fellow who is formerly reading at least 30 status updates a day (eg. me). Check out what my dead news feed looks like:

dead news feed

Isn’t it beautiful 🙂 No? Well, to each his own I guess. If you have any opinion about this (negative or positive) I’d love to hear it in the comments section. I hope this has been useful to you!

Image credit: Krappweis