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facebook-like-buttonHave you ever thought why you see only some of your friends in your News Feed on Facebook? Well, it doesn’t mean they forgot about their pages and they didn’t open their Facebook profiles for a long time. Did you pay attention to the fact that your News Feed had two tabs: Latest News and Popular News? The first one gives you a chance to see everything in a chronological manner, and the second one filters the content with the help of EdgeRank algorithm.

So, your friends’ profiles which have a high EdgeRank will appear at Popular News tab. If your EdgeRank is very low, big chances are that your friends won’t see your Facebook activity at all! So, your aim here is to increase your EdgeRank and become more popular among your Facebook friends, How to do that effectively?

Let me share top 5 secrets with you that will make you more popular on Facebook and increase your chances to become “a citizen” of all your friends’ Popular News tab.

Secret #1: Post topics that will motivate other users to comment or even start a discussion.

Use interesting headlines, ask controversial questions, don’t forget about bright pictures… Grab users’ attention and motivate them to click on your post and take part in its discussion. The more comments you get – the more popular your post becomes: your friends will post it on their pages, sharing it with friends of their friends and so one and so forth. As you understand, it’s not bad for your Facebook popularity.

Secret #2: Post a quiz.

Choose a question that can be interesting for all your friends and followers. Quizes are very popular  among social networks users. I don’t know why but they like them very much. Well, maybe the reason is that you can share your mind with other people with one click only. Anyway, quizzes or polls are your good friends when it comes to your Facebook popularity.

Secret #3: Add as many photos and videos as possible.

Facebook users like pictures very much. In their News Feed videos and photos look like small pics that motivate to click on them in order to see them closer. Don’t forget to add some comment or your own opinion as for this or that pic or video: remember that such a trick can be a really good motivation for clicking and sharing.

Secret #4: Share links.

Certainly, it’s very pleasant to share the content of your own website or blog with other users, but don’t be afraid to post links on other interesting sources. The more high-quality content you share with others – the much interest you’ll attract to your own content when it’s time. There is a big change that a link with many comments will appear in your friends’ News Feed, so choose content carefully. Make sure that this link will be interesting for the majority of your Facebook friends and followers.

And finally,

Secret #5: Publish famous people’s quotes or just ask your followers to end a sentence.

It can be a perfect way to grab users’ attention and motivate then to leave a comment on your post. Famous people’s quotes are very interesting for the majority of social networks users: they like commenting on them or just like it with Like button. As for a sentence, this is a very good way to motivate a user to reply on your post. For example, post a sentence: “There is nothing better than a tea except….” and let your followers share their ideas.

Be social and stay cool!

Image credit: Dian N