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Website DevMost companies nowadays are meticulous with their company’s online presence. They venture on most Social Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. In this article, we will tackle some things you shouldn’t take for granted when designing Business websites.

1. Look and feel

To create a website, you really must bank on the product your business is selling. Highlight it, emphasize it, make it all about the product. Internet customers are generally characterized by a simple trait, haste. They are looking for whatever is the fastest, most convenient, and most easily accessible. So you basically have just a few seconds to impress your customer and make him want to buy your product or services. That is why you really need to make your product the star when you design a business website.

2. Usability

Many business websites are easily navigated with just a few clicks. And they use words that anyone can relate to. These words could be something that the most loyal of all customers are familiar with or it could be something that a newbie customer can easily identify with. It is also important that the process for ordering items or services is at its simplest. The lesser time it takes to make a sale, the more the customer will feel encouraged to purchase more.

3. Call to Action buttons

It is quite important to consider hiring a company to do CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization for your particular business website. Conversion Rate Optimization is characterized by how your website is constructed to make simple browsers to customers to patrons. It is the manner by which your business website can convert hits into money. There are many available companies out there that have sworn to double or even triple their revenue because of CRO. This can happen to you too.  After one has considered how to make a customer friendly website, you can also consider how to make it all the more visible and consult an SEO or Search Engine Optimization company. The more visible, the more traffic in your website generated by SEO,  the more your CRO will work for you.

4. Aesthetics

Your aesthetic will be dictated by your audience and by your product. You need to really know your audience and how you are going to reach them. So doing the basics for your business and finding out what excites and attracts your market will greatly help in constructing your business website. One can also do an FGD after the business website has been constructed to know whether it is effective and  has a positive response from your target market. The small yet foundational details when done right , go a long way.

5. Make your brand a part of it

Many business websites tend to be stale and just upfront about their product or service. Make it very easily relatable by putting the heart of the product, your brand. Make it personable. Make it humane. In time, your investment in your brand will pay off as you try to venture into different products and services. People will easily associate the product or service they avail off to the new product or service you are selling. It will be an easy transition for them.

It is very simple to make a business website. One just basically needs to have a battle plan on how to go about things. Success in making one’s business website must be intentional and results based. This will allow your business to grow and flourish beyond the web, beyond face to face retailing.