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In the past few months, many famous websites have been redesigned, redefining web presence, indicating the evolution of fresh designing trends in the New Year.

In this post, we’ll be discussing the top 5 trends in the web designing arena that have been gaining popularity, and you ought to follow while designing a website, so that you can make your online presence felt; otherwise your website would look outdated and obsolete.

Top 5 Web Designing Trends Which Will Rule 2013

1. Responsive Web Design

Combination of CSS 3 and HTML 5 is used widely to create advanced animation clips and video games these days. However, it is not the sole reason why HTML 5 and other mark-up languages have become really popular in web development field across the globe.

HTML5 allows web designers to create web applications, which adjust automatically to match the screen size. You can also create a web design that looks pretty appealing on small screen devices such as tablets and smartphones. Such a design is also called as fluid design or responsive web design, and that’s the latest rage in the industry.

2. Benefits of Fluid Design Approach

With the introduction of new designing concept, every web designer wishes to create different websites that are rendered perfectly on different devices. For instance, if you want to design a website for travel service provider, then you can choose fluid design, so that even the mobile users can access the website seamlessly, and make the bookings.

When it comes to responsive web design, content of website shifts and shrinks automatically, without disturbing the usability and readability factor; it also suits a specific screen size.

Award-winning blogs such as TheNextWeb and Mashable have shifted to the new web designing strategies, and the number of people accessing websites from tablets and smartphones is growing at a tremendous pace.

3. Typography

Typography is one of the latest elements of web design across the globe. You don’t see action buttons limited to Arial font nowadays, as several other designs, font types, and styles are being incorporated in headings and online buttons to add to the visual appeal.

4. Minimalist Color Scheme

It’s another web designing concept, which is in vogue today. With the help of minimalist color scheme, using shades of blue and dark red, you can design an appealing and eye-catching website that looks professional at the same time.

You can visit popular websites like TheNextWeb and Mashable, where you can see single color used throughout the website. Whenever you follow the color scheme consistently, the readability aspect would be significantly improved.

5. Featured Boxes

In 2013, you can see Featured Boxes replacing the older JavaScript Sliders. The era of JavaScript sliders has probably ended, and nowadays, web designers are using static featured boxes with background image outdone with a punch-line.

You can see hundreds and thousands of web designing companies emerging across the globe today. And, to help those who’re new to the web design arena, plenty of web designing are also being conducted. Fresh graduates can attend these programs and learn the latest trends in designing aspects, while the professionals can hone their skills further, and progress in their career path.

So, stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the web design industry, and follow the latest trends, otherwise your designs would look outdated, and your clients won’t be interested in your services anymore.