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If you were to ask several designers about icons, they will have a varied number of opinions. Some would like make their icons, especially those who are creative and technically savvy. That combination is difficult to find but some people do that. The reality though is that not all of us can take the time out to build our own icons. When on thinks of icons, usually the standard associated feeling is that images that show something is relevant to the design at hand.

Despite the ease of images as icons, there is on serious problem – manipulation. With image based icons, manipulating them becomes a lot of hard work and usage of image editing software becomes mandatory. If a designer wishes to do some serious manipulation that means investment in image based software and more time spent working on it.

A clever solution to use would be alternatives to use in place of image icons. That alternative is the ever popular icon font sets. There are some simple and effective advantages of using icon font Sets. For instance, changing the size of icon font is as easy as changing the size of a word font. Same goes to the properties related to changing the colour of these icons. Further, if you like being able to shadow the shape of the icon, you can do so. Other features that are seriously cool about icon fonts are that they come with simple transparency features, rotation ability and pretty every trick you can think of.

Nothing is more evidence of the popularity of icon font sets than the fact that there are hundreds of icon fonts sets, some free, some paid that are available. Many icon font developers have taken it upon themselves to make available a wonderful array of icon font sets, with many of them being free. We give you our pick of the best five icon font sets for your use.


A quick online search will reveal that this happens to one of the most popular icon font sets that are used and downloaded by website desiogners. Previously, this set was paid for only. However, now it has been made free and developer deserves a big thank you for this.

Batch font icon set

The best part about this font set is that it has a smooth and grey appearance, which goes well with websites that are aiming for a classy appearance. It has more than 300 icons in the set and they are all available in the standard formats of PSD, SVG, PNG and Webfont. Our personal favourite icons among the set is the one which looks like an alarm clock, quiet and the ringing ones. We can think of a few designs where that might fit in just fine.


For some designers, the batch icon font set may across as being too serious. If you are looking for something that is equally elegant but at the same adds some colour to the mix, then you should go for Sosa.

Sosa font icon set

The font does sound like the name of beautiful woman. The font definitely lives up to that name and the developer believes that it is ideal for usage in scenarios of web design, shopping sites, weather based applications and web sites and also for sites which need to process a lot of forms. The icons do seem to be oriented for these people related sites.


The title of the font seems like an odd permutation of the words that from the term breeze, but that is the only thing about this font that you may not like.

Breezi font icon set

In fact, we think the title of the font is really cool, just like the actual font itself. The font is as different as it can be from the earlier two fonts – Sosa and Batch – that were discussed earlier. It seems designed for websites that like to highlight items in contrasts of light and dark.


Foundation fonts are similar to the Breezi fonts. The idea behind the design, according to the developer is give the designers something that can be used on its own.

Foundations font icon set

At the same time, they also suggest that you make the most of its simplicity to get more use of it. It appears that this font is suited for both those who want something simple but also wish to ratchet up the visual appeal slightly every now and then.


Icon Moon is a special type of the font set, when compared to the others in the list. The font set itself is an extremely appealing prospect, but it is the support system that comes with the font which is amazing.

IcoMoon font icon set

The Icon Moon set comes in three variants. There is the free version, which in itself comes with over 450 Icons and that is a wide range. Further, each icon has been handcrafted for greater variety. Also, if you like these fonts and want more, you can upgrade to either the essential pack or the ultimate pack, which boasts of more than 1200 fonts.