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In a digital world where creativity abounds, web designers are constantly exploring ways to create attractive sites that will entice users. Recently, we are seeing the beginning of a new trend—the neon-colored websites. Fluorescent or neon colors are making waves in the fashion world again and graphic artists and illustrators have been using neon more prominently, too. In fact, it is now being studied in most diploma of graphic design courses. This flashy color is also gaining steam in the internet with attractive fluorescent hues being used as the main color while incorporating complementary colors at the same time. Here are some of the things you need to know about neon colors.

Brief History of Neon

Neon reached its peak in the 80’s. In fact, you cannot mention 80’s without thinking of neon colors. However, this bright pigment was created in the 19th century by a company known as the CCC. It introduced the neon color to major apparel companies such as American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and A-list celebrities. Just like any fad, neon lost its appeal during the 90’s. Since its impact wass so great in different fields, it was only a matter of time before we saw its comeback. Now, neon is back with more attitude as it permeates the biggest visual platform—the Web.

Why Go for Neon?

Neon YellowIt’s bold.  Going neon for your website is a risky move but it makes a bold statement about your brand. Not many sites can pull off a design with fluorescent color and still make it look clean and professional. This is where the skill of your web designer comes out. Most sites go for safe and neutral colors so having a neon-themed site can show a more distinct character to your brand.

Neon websiteIt’s current. Neon colors are obviously trending and using these hues will show that your site is new and fresh. Since the Web in general is constantly updating and evolving, it is important that your site keeps up with the times. Having bright fluorescent colors show that your brand is modern and up-to-date. Neon is synonymous to cool and young so if these are the very things that you want your brand to be known for then going for this bright tone is the best design move for you.

It’s attractive. All websites want their layout to look attractive and enticing. There is no better way to communicate this than by using fun and flashy neon colors in your site. Neon is every bit unique in its tint and hue. Having these colors highlight key parts in your website will make it more engaging to your visitors. In addition, fluorescent colors also show how dynamic your site is. Going neon will make your site stand out in every possible way.

As much as neon gives life to your website’s layout, it also poses a huge risk when it is overdone. You need to closely coordinate with your web designer on how you want to incorporate neon and fluorescent colors to your site. The key is not going overboard and using other complementary colors to balance its brightness. Neon can be classy, funky, and even professional when it is nicely done by a creative designer. It is worth trying out most especially if you want to show something new to your site visitors. You can start small with specific segments, tabs, or links in your site before making it the main color in your website. It’s just a matter of making a strong statement through these loud and trendy hues!