• Sumo

Hi! I’m Maca, just one of the thousands of bloggers you’ll see on the internet. If you find yourself reading this About page, WELCOME! Glad you’re here. I really am. I usually dislike talking about myself but since this is a page specifically dedicated for that sole purpose then maybe I will make this an exception so here goes…

Wait, what?

“About Pages are not meant to discuss about yourself you self-absorbed son of a -“

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OKAY! Haha, Yes. You have indeed addressed your point there my Subconscious Self and thank you for reminding me. As if people will find me interesting spewing useless stuff about myself. As far as I know people often read blogs because they have information that they needed, or if not, has something that the readers find very entertaining; kind of like responding to the readers’ NEEDS and WANTS. I however, am not much of a funny guy so yeah, my blog focuses on information that my readers would hopefully find useful.

What kind of information? Anything that I believe or pretend I am an expert of. Hover through the menu above. You’ll see.