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Neon-Colored Websites: The New Trend?

In a digital world where creativity abounds, web designers are constantly exploring ways to create attractive sites that will entice users. Recently, we are seeing the beginning of a new trend—the neon-colored websites. Fluorescent or neon colors are making waves in the fashion world again and graphic artists and illustrators have been using neon more..

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Responsive Web Design: The Winning Ingredient For Web-Based Businesses!

Opting for mobile web design is just like oxygen to survive in the tough current market place. Responsive web design has more weight than building a separate website for mobile users. The major concern is to make a website highly functional for the site users. It’s not just about organizing the content for smaller screens,..

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Top 5 Things to Consider When Designing a Business Website

Most companies nowadays are meticulous with their company’s online presence. They venture on most Social Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. In this article, we will tackle some things you shouldn’t take for granted when designing Business websites. 1. Look and feel To create a website, you really must bank on the product..

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