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Simple Text Animation With Motion Blur: A Photoshop Tutorial

Hi! Today I will teach you how to make use of the Motion Blur Filter to animate text in Photoshop and add a “speed” effect with this tutorial (PSD file available for download below). Please allow me to indulge myself … Continue reading

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Funny Reaction GIFs to WTF Images

I am a lurker in Imgur.com. I view the pictures, read the comments but never participate on the discussions. Every once in a while a weird picture comes up in the gallery. It’s so weird that it makes me want … Continue reading

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14 Cat Memes Exploitables and Templates

Spending so much time on the web made me realize that if the Internet is a country then its national animal would no doubt be a cat. It’s so popular that many of the best internet memes are based on … Continue reading

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Top 10 Deviantart Memes That Will Improve Your Drawing Skills

Deviantart being the largest art website has its fair share of memes that are exclusive to its Deviants. Many are fun to do especially when you see everybody is doing it (that’s why it’s a meme!) Here, I listed not … Continue reading

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Internet Meme Transparent PNGs, Vectors and other Resources

Behold! Take a shot at making your own image macros using these handy resources of internet memes – PNGs with transparent backgrounds, vector files, websites and more. I can’t cover them all so this is the initial list of this … Continue reading

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