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18 Festive Christmas Patterns in DeviantArt for Designers!

For designers, the so called “-ber” months is that time of year when projects involving stars, hollies, christmas trees, snowmen, and other seasonal pleasantries come once more. Christmas is here! In the spirit of Christmas I want to share you fellow designers some of the most festive Christmas patterns by the awesome artists at DeviantArt,..

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Seamless Wooden Textures Resources for Designers

Here are seven of the most comprehensive roundups and resources of seamless wooden textures for designers. Trust me these are better than planking hehehehe… hmm… *coughlamepuncough* … yeah. Please click the images below to redirect yourself to the resource. Enjoy! More Than 350 Free and Premium Wood Textures 70 Awesome Wooden Texture Packs from DeviantArt..

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28 Spooky Halloween Backgrounds and Textures Resources

Feeling unusually festive (even though it’s months before Halloween when I posted this), I rounded up some of the most awesome Halloween-inspired backgrounds and textures available for download in deviantArt for free. Please click the image to redirect yourself to the download page and please spread the love and give credit to the owners of..

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